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Project Description
Labelc2rdrive is a program developed in C# that helps system integrators to add a label to the drive created during the Microsoft Click-to-Run installation which is part of the Microsoft Office Starter 2010 setup process.

1. The program detects the preferred OS UI language using the CultureInfo class
2. The found OS UI language gets queried against the application configuration file which maps it to the right drive label.
3. The label gets applied to the drive by creating the necessary registry key(s). OS version and architecture detection is included for this.
4. All settings (c2r drive letter, UI languages, fallback label and matching labels) are stored in the app.config file.

Supported OS versions: Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 and later, Microsoft Windows 7 RTM and later
This program needs to be executed with elevated rights and will elevate if necessary.
The code needs to be compiled with the "Any Cpu" option in order to function proper.

How to use it:
1. Compile the project using the "Any Cpu" option or use the binaries provided
2. Copy SetupComplete.cmd, labelc2rdrive.exe and labelc2rdrive.exe.config to %windir%\setup\scripts\ during the OS is in
Audit Mode.
3. Sysprep the machine.
4. SetupComplete.cmd gets launched automatically right after the Windows OOBE screens and will execute
labelc2rdrive.exe which will add the necessary registry keys to label the drive in the correct language.

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